Come…come, walk into my soul, the pages of my heart await you. Turn every page and walk with me as we move hand in hand into that world impervious to sound or nature. It is here where we will experience an awakening of absorbed emotions and dreams produced from the pages of my book. The entrance is open,   welcome.      

Praise for Journey

The poetry of Merrill Guillory is at once personal and political; steeped in tradition and erasing boundaries all the same, he expertly navigates the depths of the human soul with a love and compassion rarely seen. The poetry of Merrill Guillory grabs you by the throat and ever so gently melts the rocks in your heart. The lives he paints, Louisiana mostly, are descendants of people of bondage, chattel. Merrill Guillory does not turn from this brutal truth, he instead enlists it, favors it, reveals it in sometimes startling, always illuminating ways. His words sing and cut; eloquent and quiet before the lowered boom. ~ Rosalind Bell, Author

Many of Merrill Guillory's true-to-life experiences are revealed in his poetry. His words are authentically poignant. One feels Merrill's inner self exploding on the pages of his poetry, revealing the truth and beauty of his emotions. His works are revealing and refreshing. His hidden ability to communicate was never evident in the early and middle years of his life. We now have an accomplished poet in our midst. ~ Charles A. Honore, Author

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